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Your Personal Scorecard

Your personal scorecard below tracks your progress through this course. To achieve a Certificate of Completion, you must achieve a combined score of 45 out of 50 on the 10 short quizzes that accompany the modules.

You may attempt each quiz as many times as you like, but each attempt will show up on your personal scorecard . It is highly unlikely that you'll pass the quizzes without listening to the modules. However, many participants have commented that it's relatively easy to pass by simply paying attention.

Click on any module title below to start. Good luck!

Module Name Last Quiz
Number of
Introduction (3:57)     NEVER 
Unit 1        
What You Can Control ( 4:36 ) NEVER 
Managing Polarization ( 8:06 ) NEVER 
Working With Reporters ( 8:02 ) NEVER 
Negotiating the Interview ( 4:37 ) NEVER 
Unit 2        
Print vs Broadcast ( 7:12 ) NEVER 
Body Language ( 9:03 ) NEVER 
The Skill of Answering Questions ( 11:10 ) NEVER 
Managing Your Message ( 11:01 ) NEVER 
Unit 3        
Strategies for Success ( 11:16 ) NEVER 
Managing Risk ( 13:39 ) NEVER 
Conclusion (4:15)     NEVER 
90% needed for Certificate of Completion 0%       


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