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  Additional Resources

"Negotiating the Interview" worksheet

This worksheet outlines a methodology and process for negotiating with reporters. Whether you deal directly with reporters or through your communications counsel, you need answers to the questions asked here before you accept an interview request. You can download the worksheet by clicking here.
"Message Development" worksheet

This worksheet provides a format for thinking through the topic around which the interview was negotiated. It will help you define the specific audiences important to your organization's success, and think through how you can strategically address their concerns. The goal is to help you manage interviews to win-win outcomes, not memorize key messages that may or may not be relevant. Click here to get the worksheet. 
"At Ease With the Media" booklet

This booklet both complements and supplements the information contained within the modules. The access code to print the booklet is contained within the "Introduction" module. You can download the booklet by clicking here.

You may need to save the document to your hard drive before printing it. 

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